Exclusive Tort Case Generation

XM Tort 360 is a bi-directional marketing and advertising company, providing the public with bad drug and medical device information, while also filtering out victims through our Targeted, Sonar Marketing (TSM) strategy; servicing law firms with the highest-end, exclusively generated medical leads.

XM Tort 360 prioritizes the public. Informing them of the medical tort arena and acclimating them all to the legal process, creating higher retention rates among organically produced leads.  

Farm for Leads

Targeted, Sonar Tort Cases

There are over 150 million Americans who have been a victim to either a bad drug or medical device. Our objective at Xclusive Media 360 is to reach every one of them.

Targeted Sonar Marketing (TSM)

Xclusive Media 360 has organically produced over 300 million (and counting) records on individuals across the globe due to TSM strategies. Our objective is to touch every individual possible using blanket marketing techniques and then filter this data down into exclusive and niched groups, hand-picked for your firms exact criteria. Due to this highly proficient strategy we are able to easily adapt to evolving markets and advanced lead types. No matter how unique, if your lead is out there, we will find it.


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